2022-2023 Barnes Family Jedi Academy

Another school year has come to an end. Our kids have worked hard and made great progress in all areas of life! I am humbled and grateful to be their mother. I have a unique front row seat view of their education and childhood. I have never appreciated my children more than I do now.

I almost decided to skip compiling an end of year video this year. I find myself at 14 weeks pregnant. Seriously, the last 9 weeks have consisted of only the necessary things of life. Extras did not happen.

I honestly approached the end of this year feeling like we didn’t do anything spectacular. This is probably because for the last 9 weeks we didn’t do many noteworthy things. But I was being too nearsighted.I had forgotten the previous 7 months when I had energy!

I am SO grateful I DID compile this video. It gave me a clear overview of what we accomplished. This video helped me see that this year was a success! These kids are happy, well adjusted, well socialized, and received a round education. Their education was well balanced including all areas of the arts, academics, field trips, and real life experiences!

One thing that struck me as this video came together is that family is central to our life style. We learn together. We cook together. We read together. We create together. We play together. We work together. And we adventure together! Homeschooling has brought us closer together as a family. I know this is what the Lord intended for our family.

If you are ever discouraged… compile pictures, videos, or memories in a journal. I am guessing you too will begin to see the beauty in the life you are creating.

💕 Terynn

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