Learning with Music

Memorization is almost a lost art. I would love to get back to the way they used to memorize back in our grandparent’s day.

At our house we try to memorize scriptures, poetry, music, geography… the list goes on. As I look back over life I realize that when a song is used to memorize something it sticks… for decades 😊

I want to share some of my favorite songs that have stuck with me over the years. These are great tools for teaching!

States of the USA – Singing Smart Song – This song we learned in 1st grade. Mrs. McNiven was the best ❤️ Here I am 27 years later still loving this song. My kids love it too!

7 Continents Geography Song – This song was not from my childhood but my kids love it! It teaches the continents in order.

Capitols of the USA (alphabetical order) – This song takes me back to 7th grade with Mr. Olson. We had some great teachers! This is the best recording but I love having a resource to teach the state capitols.

Presidents of the United States- This also takes me back to Mr. Olson’s history classes in junior high. I love the tune of this song. I hope to use this with my kids in a few years!

The Preamble of The Constitution Schoolhouse Rock – Everyone should have the preamble memorized! Good old schoolhouse rock!

La Bamba – a splash of Spanish 😊 – my favorite part of Spanish class in high school was singing. Here is one of my favorites. It has a translation as well as the Spanish words.

What are some of your favorite songs to aid learning? Please share in the comments below. We are always looking for new great ideas.

Happy singing & learning my friends!

💕 Terynn

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