The Barnes Family Jedi Academy

The start of school is a magical time! New school supplies, a new classroom, and the anticipation of what the year will bring.

Would my kids miss out on the excitment of a new school year because we homeschool? I have learned there is no need to fret. The excitement of my children for the past 3 years has been phenomenal! I love experiencing their joy first hand!

We kicked off the year with the arrival of an official acceptance letter to the Barnes Family Jedi Academy accompanied by a list of school supplies for the 1st day of school.

Who doesn’t LOVE new school supplies? This year’s ‘school store’ took place at the Market of Coruscant (a Star Wars planet). [The kitchen table, where we usually do this type of thing, was in the middle of a makeover 😂.]

On the first day of school we arrived in style. A Jedi Cruiser took us through the galaxy to deliver us safely to the Jedi Academy. [aka: We watched a youtube video (sound muted) while listening to Star Wars theme music.] These children have the most beautiful imaginations. Imagination is key!

This year before beginning our school work we have a Jedi Council were we accomplish the things that matter most.

Jedi Councils are simple. We sing a primary song or a hymn, a prayer is given, and we study 1-3 verses of scripture. At the suggestion of Jozlin we end each Jedi Council with a story book.

Jedi Councils are planned one week in advance using free planner pages printed from the Well Educated Heart. (I also use these to map out books and activities for the Well Educated Heart Rotation.) If you are searching for a way to balance mind and heart education in your classroom Marlene Peterson’s Well Educated Heart is the resource for you. It is 100% free and has changed the way I approach educating myself and my children.

Last year, my biggest struggle was balancing direct instruction between the girls. They would dive into book work early in the morning and constantly compete for my time to teach them.

We have implemented a new schedule. The girls take turns receiving direct instruction, doing independent work, and playing with Marshall. Our schedule lowers my anxiety level and helps to maintain a peaceful learning environment.

Attached is our current schedule. Use it as a reference or download it. I guarantee we will adjust this schedule throughout the year… That is how life goes. Perhaps it will spark ideas for your homeschool schedule. [And it will be an excellent reference for myself for next year 😊]

Learning is a life long pursuit. My goal is to ensure my children feel loved and encouraged through this process of learning. I have never before felt more peace and assurance from heaven than I do right now. I know I am doing the work God sent me here to do. There is no better feeling than that!

Happy Hearts and happy faces
Happy play in grassy places-
That was how, in ancient ages
Children grew to kings and sages.
-Robert Louis Stevenson 

💕 Terynn

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