Why Homeschool?

In college, I became intrigued with homeschooling. Graduating with a teaching degree in Secondary Mathematics, I thoroughly enjoyed being in the classroom sharing my passion for math and education!

When Jozlin was born, I seriously considered homeschooling. To clarify, I had loved my public school experience (both attending and teaching). I do not like to take risks. Why would I want to shoulder the task of educating my children when there is an easier way? 

A few years passed, I taught math to a homeschool family whom I met at church. For five years I averaged 3 hours of one on one instruction time each week. Over the years I taught a mixture of 1st-8th grade math to five students. These students possessed incredible critical thinking skills! I was taught to think outside the box. I watched these children develop naturally. They grew from children into well adjusted young adults. Peer influence was minimal. The pressure to conform was almost nonexistent. My interest in homeschool was piqued.

In the spring of 2018, after much discussion and prayer, we registered Jozlin for kindergarten. One month before school started, Izabelle (our 10 month old) passed away. Sending Jozlin to school for kindergarten had been the perfect choice. In my state of grief, homeschool would have been a train wreck. 

Jozlin LOVED school! She excelled academically and socially. The teachers and school were wonderful!

Jozlin’s first day of Kindergarten

In the spring of 2020, while Jozlin was in 1st grade and Zaylee in preschool, COVID-19 hit. Schools across the nation shut down. I HATED public school at home! I could write an entire post about what I hated about this experience (but I won’t). Thankfully, I realized March-May 2020 was NOT homeschool. My desire to homeschool was rekindled that spring. 

At first, I planned to send my kids to public school in the fall. However, as I was reading the elementary’s COVID plan I received an overwhelming prompting from the spirit to homeschool. 

The perfect opportunity to jump to homeschooling was here. I texted Tony and told him, “I am ordering homeschool curriculum.” He said, “Okay”. 

And that is how our journey began.

💕 Terynn 

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