Give said the little stream

Watching my children has provided incredible opportunities to learn.

Each child has strengths and spiritual gifts. I am in awe at the wonderful things these children do without any prompting. Zaylee, who turns 7 next month, is a note writer. She writes notes expressing her love, get well notes, and notes of encouragement. Her notes always make me feel special and bring a smile to my face.

Zaylee wrote a personalized note for each member of our family for Valentine’s Day. On the morning of the 14th, she carefully passed out her notes. In Jozlin’s envelope was not only a note but 2 nickels. Jozlin was thrilled!

This has caused me to ponder deeply about selfless giving. To most of us $0.10 is pocket change. Yet to this little girl, who had less than $2.00 in her wallet, $0.10 was a generous gift. She gave this profound gift, straight from her heart, knowing it would bring joy to her sister.

This selfless gesture made me want to be more generous and kind like my sweet innocent daughter. Consider the change that would take place in the world if we all shared kindness like a child.

Ironically, the last two weeks Zaylee has worked to learn ‘Give, said the Little Stream’. Each day as this song is played on the piano I have pondered the profound message taught.

The little stream happily gives and beautifies the world as it moves along. Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor from giving.” Like this little stream, we too can make the world a beautiful place as we share kindness without reservation! It will not only bless the lives of those around us but it will bless our own hearts and minds.

Zaylee began learning a version of this song that ended before the chorus. This bothered her a lot. She asked me to write down the rest of the song for her. Here it is for you to download & enjoy!

This simplified, level 1, song gently teaches the student to shift the right hand up and down the keyboard.

Give kindness where you can, resolve to think kind thoughts, speak words that encourage, and extend love to others! We each have the power to make the world a better place one word, one act, and one day at a time!

💕 Terynn


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