Touring America in a School Year, we are making our way through the United States visiting each state by region. This week we find ourselves in Massachusetts.

(I tend to only give updates when I feel inspired to write. Lucky for all of you… my AWESOME Pinterest fail has inspired me to write.)

Life is not perfect. My life is far from perfect. In these imperfect moments I find joy!

For the iconic food of Massachusetts we made Boston Creme Pie. It wasn’t a complete failure. The Boston Creme Pie was DELICIOUS! However it left something to be desired aesthetically.

In my defense… I went on a dejunking spree about 2 months ago. I must have gotten rid of my round cake pans… As a result, this beauty was baked in glass pie pans šŸ˜‚ Secondly, I didn’t even pause to think that Boston sits at a whopping 46 feet in elevation. I am baking at over 6,000 feet. This crossed my mind AFTER I pulled the cakes out of the oven and saw the sunken middles… Yep, next time I will add more flour.

Even though it was a labor of love, there will be a next time because the flavor was well worth it!

This seems to be a common theme in my kitchen. The second and third time I make something it usually looks a lot prettier!

Back when we were “visiting” Colorado we made an amazing omelette! It tasted incredible, but oh man was it an eye sore! Once again this is something I had never made before. The Denver Omelette is now part of our meal rotation because it is relatively easy to make and very delicious!

Denver Omelette

Making iconic foods as we visit each state has been a highlight this fall!

Sometimes the kids help in the kitchen, and sometimes it gives me alone time in the kitchen making something new. This adventure is expanding our menu options, giving us more opportunities to create together in the kitchen, and it pushes us to taste things we wouldn’t taste otherwise.

Now that I have spent the entirety of this post talking about food šŸ˜‚ I want to proceed to tell you… we did study some fun things about Massachusetts. We read a book about the pilgrims. All of us learned things we had never known before. Even Tony learned something new! Thomas Edison is a great historical figure who did a portion of his work in Massachusetts. It was fun to learn a little more about him. We have definitely been fed in more way than one way!

I encourage you to spend time making something new to share, or take some time learning something new with those you love!


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