Star Wars Multiplication

Star Wars Shining Moments from the Barnes Family Homeschool:

Since these are NOT the droids they were looking for… we can proceed with the purpose of this post.

Math! One of my favorite subjects!

Multiplication facts are foundational to math education. Consistent practice is the key!

Over the years we have used a variety of methods to practice and memorize math facts.

This year I created a “mad minute” Padawan Multiplication Training.

The girls each picked out a Star Wars action figure to earn as a prize. When all the facts from 0x1 to 10×10 are mastered they will receive the Star Wars figure.

Our initial requirement was to complete the worksheet in less than 1 minute. Zaylee, who is only 7 years old, had to complete it in 1.5 minutes. (These time limits will most likely be adjusted as we enter the world of 6 and 7s next week 😳) In the meantime, we will witness how this mom wields the force in the world of mathematics 😂 Wish us luck!

We use a variety of methods to prepare for mad minute quizzes. One method has been to use these worksheets with a plastic sheet protector and an expo marker. We have also played a sticky note game by placing sticky notes on the floor 1-10; hopping from one to the next multiplying the number on the sticky note by the number they are working on. (Find more ideas in this blog post from last year).

Once confident in their knowledge of the facts, we pull out the timer and test their skills.

Multiplication Masters… we are not yet. But one day soon we will meet that goal!

Impressive… most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet.

In the meantime, I am sharing my 10 page PDF as a free download for anyone who wants to join us in this multiplication journey!

Consistent practice forms the foundation needed to move forward with ease.

If you have a child who struggles with being timed… try something different.

Sometimes my kids have timer anxiety so we change it up.

An example would be: if they can complete the worksheet with an expo marker without errors (a set number of times); let them pass it off by writing in the answers on the page with a pencil without being timed.

We DO NOT want to create math phobia! Make math fun. You have the power to help your kids enjoy this journey of learning!

💕 Terynn J. Barnes

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