Teaching Resourcefulness

Have you ever begun a project to find you need __(fill in the blank)__ to complete the task? 

This happened to us. One day Jozlin and I opened her math lesson realizing a geoboard was required to complete the lesson. 😳 Of course, we had no geoboard. 🙈

To purchase a geoboard we would need to travel over an hour or order it online. Around here two day shipping is more like 1 week shipping. Sooo… thinking outside the box we came up with a solution…

We had an 8” x 8” wooden board kicking around, and a handful of small nails in the toolbox. We simply added a family project to the morning school routine. The ‘math’ dilemma was solved! 

The girls drew a 1″ grid. Hammered in a nail at each intersection. It took a total of 49 nails & some good quality family time.

Before it was even finished they began playing with the geoboard. What child can resist a geoboard and a handful of rubber bands? Mine can’t!

The nails are not perfectly straight and it took longer with little helping hands. But the joy on the faces of my children was priceless. It was worth every ounce of patience required.

*BONUS* All 3 kids LOVE playing with the Geoboard. The memories of playing with geoboards in elementary school are definitely coming back to me!

In this day and age, with the click of a button you can purchase anything you want or need. I find it to be fun and mind stretching to create a solution using items already on hand.

A lesson like this teaches my children life long skills that will assist them throughout their lives.

Make an effort to consume less by utilizing the resources you have on hand! Choose to be resourceful!

💕 Terynn

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  1. So great! I’ve always been a resourceful kind of gal, but living out here this skill is definitely something I’ve had to perfect and teach our kids. Your geoboard looks awesome!

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