Spicing up life with reward systems

This week’s Star Wars Shining Moment: the re-enactment of the trash compactor scene. Now… moving forward to the topic of this post… Our Star Wars Reward System. I love reward systems! Acknowledging hard work, effort, and goodness always helps to improve the morale of every day life. We kicked off the year with a ‘Star …

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Star Wars Toothfairy Shenanigans

Our days are full of learning, work, and imaginative play. The Star Wars theme sprinkles itself into life which adds a little excitement and joy to our homeschool. As a child, Tony collected a variety of Star Wars action figures. These totes have been collecting dust in our garage for a decade. This year we …

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The Cat

Last spring, Jozlin brought me a page of lyrics and told me she was writing a song. Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity. A project like this is my dream come true. A real life application of knowledge! The words she developed were mind blowing! We slimmed it down to verses and a chorus that …

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Canning Peaches

A new poem to help recall the joy of canning peaches.

The Barnes Family Jedi Academy

The start of school is a magical time! New school supplies, a new classroom, and the anticipation of what the year will bring. Would my kids miss out on the excitment of a new school year because we homeschool? I have learned there is no need to fret. The excitement of my children for the …

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Our Journey: Sewing Hobbes & Fiona

Our family is obsessed with Calvin & Hobbes. Naturally the girls wanted a Hobbes stuffed animal. After a quick search, I learned that Bill Watterson never sold his rights to sell Calvin & Hobbes merchandise. I scoured the web and found an awesome free pattern to sew a stuffed Hobbes. She warns there is a …

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I love Spring

Fall is fast approaching and with it dawns a new school year! So naturally we are wrapping up the odds and ends from last year. One of those things is a music video by Zaylee the talented 7 year old composer. This spring while waiting for the snow to melt she wrote the words to …

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The Chronicles of Narnia

“But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan.” – C.S. Lewis (The Last Battle) This year we read the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. A favorite end of day activity is to read aloud to my children. We LOVED these books! The 7 books in this series include: The …

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Popcorn Reading

Nightly family scripture study is something we strive to do in our home. Our method to divide up reading has been to let the girls pick a few verses to read. We found that once those verses were read attention would wander. I prayed and searched for a solution to this problem.  The answer to …

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