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This week’s Star Wars Shining Moment:

When the Imperials attacked the Christmas tree & Nativity they over ran the rebel position. The Rebels had to call in an airstrike.

Moving Forward

More often than not my kids rush through bookwork to get on with their day of play and adventure. Over time, finishing language arts, math, handwriting, piano practice, & reading can become a monotonous chore, which begins to weigh us down.

After an interesting experience, tutoring a high school geometry student, I woke up motivated to tackle our math differently.

Jozlin, for the last week, has worked valiantly to master concepts of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and simplifying improper fractions. Learning new concepts is not an easy task.

This morning I stated, “Your math lesson today is to bake whatever you would like.” Jozlin was overcome with excitement. She chose to make her dad’s favorite, Peanut Butter Treats.

I made a copy of the recipe then made adjustments to fit our needs… aka I divided each measurement by four.

The instructions were: to fill the pan you must quadruple the recipe.

She enthusiastically set to work. Once the measurements were calculated she dove in and created a culinary masterpiece!

Enjoyable, Memorable, and Tasty, this math lesson is one to remember!

Following suite, I opened then shut Zaylee’s math workbook and said math is all hands on today! With construction paper, scissors, tape, and a glass cup to trace circles. She created circles, semi circles, quarter circles, triangles and squares. She cut out shapes, made fun creative shapes from those cut outs. Her task was to count the number of straight and curved sides of each shape she created. The best part was that she continued to create shapes with Marshall for an additional hour.

The feeling of a happy successful school day was palpable for the remainder of the day.

This experience has taught me to randomly set the normal routine aside and mix things up a little bit. Lessons which help my kids experience in real life what we are learning always leaves a lasting impression. Find a way to allow your kids to taste the whole cake of learning not just the separate ingredients. (Listen to a great audio here about the whole cake of learning.)

Find joy today to move one step closer to sculpting a generation of life long learners!

💕 Terynn

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