Spicing up life with reward systems

This week’s Star Wars Shining Moment:

the re-enactment of the trash compactor scene.

Now… moving forward to the topic of this post… Our Star Wars Reward System.

I love reward systems!

Acknowledging hard work, effort, and goodness always helps to improve the morale of every day life.

We kicked off the year with a ‘Star Wars Credit’ system.

Credits from The Child Monopoly Game 😊

Each day, credits were earned as follows:

Bookwork completed = 1 credit

Doing work without complaining = 1 credit

Household responsibilities completed = 1 credit

Approximately every two weeks the girls would pool their credits to buy simple experiences. Each experience cost 40 credits. Some things they chose were swimming in a relative’s private indoor pool, shopping at a new 2nd hand store, a trip to Burger King, spending an afternoon at Grandma’s without mom, a movie and popcorn, and dinner from pizza hut.

All good things come to an end… and that is OKAY. After 3.5 months, I forgot to pay daily credits and the system lost steam.

One day Zaylee pointed out the 5 glow in the dark stars on her ceiling and mentioned she wished she had more.

With a package of 300 glow in the dark stars the “Shining Star” system began.

I take notice of one great thing each child does. I have a time when I praise them for their shining star moment, they pick out a star, and it is placed on their ceiling or wall.

When I focus on the positive things my kids do it encourages me to look for more good. This also encourages them to intentionally seek out opportunities to do good.

When you mix things up and accentuate the positive, great changes will take place.

💕 Terynn

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