How Do You find the Time?

The other day while chatting with a kind ward member he turned to Zaylee and asked, “Was my niece, Mrs. Aullman, your kindergarten teacher?” Zaylee, a little confused, responded, “My mom is my teacher.”

Realizing we homeschool, he asked me the sincere question, “How do you find the time?”

I quickly responded, “Teaching my children is my top priority… Everything else is second to that.”

This morning, while enjoying 5 minutes of peace, I pondered this question deciding if anyone ever asks me that question again my response will be, “This is what God gives me time for!”

On July 23rd, 2018, I came to a life changing realization… in my planner was a week full of appointments, obligations, play dates, and meetings. My week was packed. As we sat in the hospital, focused fully on our little baby, fighting for her life, all of those things slipped away… Nothing mattered. The things of greatest importance were right before us and everything else was fluff.

Upon returning home with our 2 daughters instead of 3, I took that lesson to heart. The thing of greatest importance is my family… Everything else is fluff. Everything else can be cancelled. Ten years from now, no one will care if we attended x, y, z or if we were involved in a, b, c…

What will matter is the same thing that matters now: the Lord, my family, and my relationship with each of them.

At times, I have needed to refocus to remember this great truth, but I will never forget…

THIS is what God gives me time for!

💕 Terynn

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  1. You always inspire me to re-evaluate my approach and vision of how we homeschool. I love both responses to that question. A reminder I really needed today ❤️

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