Create a Mission Statement

In the month prior to the start of our Homeschool, one specific question was on my mind, “What is my Homeschool Mission Statement?” There would be days when life would be HARD!!! I knew I needed a mission statement to successfully make it through the school year.  A mission statement is a concise explanation of […]

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Cleaning Quest

I LOVE when a plan comes together!! Who doesn’t? I often struggle to get my children to cheerfully help with weekly deep cleaning. We clean throughout the week, but by Saturday this house (which is LIVED in 24/7) needs to be scrubbed and disinfected. After a long week, I want to relax in a clean house.

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Why Homeschool?

In college, I became intrigued with homeschooling. Graduating with a teaching degree in Secondary Mathematics, I thoroughly enjoyed being in the classroom sharing my passion for math and education! When Jozlin was born, I seriously considered homeschooling. To clarify, I had loved my public school experience (both attending and teaching). I do not like to

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Praises to His Name

Last fall, I sat in a sacrament meeting listening to a young man testify that God is a God of Miracles. He told the story about his mother being miraculously healed of cancer. The miracle they prayed for had been granted. At the end of his talk, I thought to myself, “That is wonderful… yet

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Facing the Trial of a Lifetime

Have you ever experienced a moment in life when time stood still? A moment when you desperately wanted to reverse time and reality was the last thing you wanted to accept?  In my life, that moment came on July 23, 2018. In the early morning hours, I sat in our local emergency room watching my

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