Hogwarts Homeschool – Part 3

1.) Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? At the beginning of the school year, many new and exciting things were taking place. I intentionally chose to save the sorting activity for the end of the year. I was worried it would divide us and ultimately mess up our points system (read about our […]

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Do your kids resist writing?!?

Since 1st grade, Jozlin has displayed a strong resistance to writing. Assigning a paragraph or even one sentence would send her into a downward spiral of emotions. For over a year much of my mental energy was spent trying to develop a way to kindle a love of writing within her heart.  Thankfully I’m not in

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This year, Jozlin is learning cursive. To her it’s an exciting secret code. Jozlin says, “I love learning to write cursive because it is beautiful, it strengthens and exercises my hand, and it teaches me to read better.” Cursive is now the coveted subject in the Barnes Family Homeschool. Zaylee flew through level 1 handwriting,

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Allowance or Commissions

In the past we paid our girls allowance. Some questions that I struggled with were: What constitutes a fair allowance? Sometimes the kids don’t help well with chores… what should I do? I teach my kids to pay tithing… beyond that how do I teach them to balance spending and saving money?  Those questions were answered when we switched

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I purchased this book from a scholastic bookfair in my elemetary years. I remember loving the book however I had not read it in over 20 years. This last month Jozlin and I pulled it off the shelf to read together. The further we read, the more I understood why it held a place on

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The Full Armor of God

Today is a beautiful day! Up until this moment, I have shared this song with less than 20 people. Getting The Full Armor of God ready to share via the world wide web has been quite the adventure. A great deal of perseverance has made it available to anyone who desires to listen, play, or

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