Give said the little stream

Watching my children has provided incredible opportunities to learn. Each child has strengths and spiritual gifts. I am in awe at the wonderful things these children do without any prompting. Zaylee, who turns 7 next month, is a note writer. She writes notes expressing her love, get well notes, and notes of encouragement. Her notes […]

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Lock Box Escape Room

February in the Rocky Mountains is snowy and cold. Cabin fever is a real thing this time of year. We added a little sunshine to life with a Valentine’s lock box style ‘Escape Room’. Our lock box style ‘Escape Room’ was inspired by a Breakout EDU class I attended at a Google Summit Conference a

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How We Manage Screen Time

Earlier this week, a good friend asked me how we manage screen time. This is an important topic to address. Many people believe no screen time is the answer to everything. On the other hand, some believe unlimited screen time is okay. I believe setting boundaries to limit screen time in the answer.  In this

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10 Reasons we Love Homeschool

There was a time in life when I observed homeschoolers with doubtful curiosity. I asked many questions and I found their way of life to be different. I wondered many things including how do they socialize? How do those moms survive without a break? Are they really learning what they need to? How will they

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Create Digital Drawings

 As a mother, my passion for learning helps bring a new excitement for learning into our home. While pursuing my interests in music composition and drawing, I am finding my children enjoy watching and learning alongside me. About a month ago, I was planning out the steps needed to launch my new songs. One step

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In 3rd grade, Jozlin is working to master multiplication facts, long division, and stacked multiplication.  Multiplication facts are FOUNDATIONAL and CRITICAL. It feels like we are standing at the bottom of a nasty cliff. She must memorize these facts in order to make the climb to smoothly sail forward in her mathematical career. *Note: I

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Sewing Unit

We find it easiest to add homeschool enrichment classes in small units. For a sewing unit we spent December afternoons sewing minky quilts.  Last summer, Tony’s sister found a bunch of new minky fabric scraps at a garage sale. For $15 we obtained enough minky to make 3 tops, 1.5 backs, and plenty to spare.

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Hogwarts Homeschool – Part 2

1.) Reward System Since, what feels like, the beginning of time we have practiced implementing a morning 5 routine which includes get dressed, say prayers, make bed, brush hair, brush teeth. Simple right?!?! Guess again… let me tell you, I have heard every complaint under the sun as to why a certain poor soul living

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Directed Drawing Unit

For Christmas we made directed drawing calendars for both grandmas and one for dad. This made an excellent drawing unit to enrich our homeschool experience this fall. We printed this free calendar on cardstock. The girls took turns picking what to draw. Since we needed 3 of each drawing to make 3 calendars, I drew

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