Touring America in a School Year, we are making our way through the United States visiting each state by region. This week we find ourselves in Massachusetts. (I tend to only give updates when I feel inspired to write. Lucky for all of you… my AWESOME Pinterest fail has inspired me to write.) Life is […]

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Learning with Music

Memorization is almost a lost art. I would love to get back to the way they used to memorize back in our grandparent’s day. At our house we try to memorize scriptures, poetry, music, geography… the list goes on. As I look back over life I realize that when a song is used to memorize

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You’re One Year Older

I LOVE birthdays! I wanted to write a birthday song encompassing the reason we celebrate birthdays! Every person has a special role and I fully believe each person is truly irreplaceable! We should celebrate every year we are blessed to live as well as every year we get to enjoy the association of those we

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A Game a Day

This week’s Star Wars Scene… The Trooper on the Pooper! Now with that smidgen of Star Wars joy, we can move forward to the real reason for this post… Board and card games can be a powerful educational tool. Playing a game helps to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills. In addition,

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Star Wars Toothfairy Shenanigans

Our days are full of learning, work, and imaginative play. The Star Wars theme sprinkles itself into life which adds a little excitement and joy to our homeschool. As a child, Tony collected a variety of Star Wars action figures. These totes have been collecting dust in our garage for a decade. This year we

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Hogwarts Homeschool – Part 3

1.) Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? At the beginning of the school year, many new and exciting things were taking place. I intentionally chose to save the sorting activity for the end of the year. I was worried it would divide us and ultimately mess up our points system (read about our

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The Full Armor of God

Today is a beautiful day! Up until this moment, I have shared this song with less than 20 people. Getting The Full Armor of God ready to share via the world wide web has been quite the adventure. A great deal of perseverance has made it available to anyone who desires to listen, play, or

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Lock Box Escape Room

February in the Rocky Mountains is snowy and cold. Cabin fever is a real thing this time of year. We added a little sunshine to life with a Valentine’s lock box style ‘Escape Room’. Our lock box style ‘Escape Room’ was inspired by a Breakout EDU class I attended at a Google Summit Conference a

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