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Our family loves to read books individually and together. Every night Tony or I read to our children. I personally LOVE when Tony reads to us. He reads books he enjoyed as a child, and excels at bringing these stories to life! We read the entire Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen. This series, different than anything

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Star Wars Multiplication

Star Wars Shining Moments from the Barnes Family Homeschool: Since these are NOT the droids they were looking for… we can proceed with the purpose of this post. Math! One of my favorite subjects! Multiplication facts are foundational to math education. Consistent practice is the key! Over the years we have used a variety of

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A Game a Day

This week’s Star Wars Scene… The Trooper on the Pooper! Now with that smidgen of Star Wars joy, we can move forward to the real reason for this post… Board and card games can be a powerful educational tool. Playing a game helps to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills. In addition,

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Hands on math

This week’s Star Wars Shining Moment: When the Imperials attacked the Christmas tree & Nativity they over ran the rebel position. The Rebels had to call in an airstrike. Moving Forward More often than not my kids rush through bookwork to get on with their day of play and adventure. Over time, finishing language arts,

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Hogwarts Homeschool – Part 3

1.) Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? At the beginning of the school year, many new and exciting things were taking place. I intentionally chose to save the sorting activity for the end of the year. I was worried it would divide us and ultimately mess up our points system (read about our

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Do your kids resist writing?!?

Since 1st grade, Jozlin has displayed a strong resistance to writing. Assigning a paragraph or even one sentence would send her into a downward spiral of emotions. For over a year much of my mental energy was spent trying to develop a way to kindle a love of writing within her heart.  Thankfully I’m not in

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